Financial Assitance

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Program Purpose This program provides short-term financial assistance to two-parent families that are underemployed or that do not have jobs.  They must also meet the eligibility criteria discussed below. Eligibility To receive FEP-TP you must:
Program Purpose FEP provides short-term assistance for people not working underemployed one-parent families with dependent children pregnant women in their third trimester. Some two-parent families may get FEP if one of the parents has been determined disabled.  Eligibility To receive FEP you must:
Program Purpose The State of Utah offers a program of limited financial assistance for adults who are unemployable and emancipated minors under certain circumstances. This program is often called General Assistance (GA). Unemployable To be found unemployable, you must have a physical or mental condition that keeps you from doing basic work activities in any occupation. Your condition must be expected to last more than 60 days. 

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