About Utah Legal Services

“Equal Justice Under Law” is one of our nation's most basic principles.  Economic realities leave this promise too often unfulfilled.  Utah Legal Services (ULS) is a nonprofit law office incorporated in 1976 committed to making equal justice a reality by providing free legal help in non-criminal cases to low-income Utahns. We level the playing field, ensuring everyone has a voice in the legal system. 

ULS serves the entire state with offices in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and St. George. Specialized units also serve groups with special legal needs including farm workers, American Indians and Senior Citizens. Utah has over 360,000 persons eligible for legal help from ULS.  Many of these families live great distances from the Wasatch Front and are dependent upon the outreach programs of ULS.

Contributions both big and small allow us to continue leveling the playing field for the Utahns who need it most. While not required, if you have been assisted by ULS or are a member of the community who would like to contribute to the cost of our services, please visit our donation page.   


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    Utah Legal Services is a Legal Services Corporation (LSC) grantee. We are required to notify donors that our funds may not be used in any manner inconsistent with the Legal Services Corporation Act or Section 504 of Public Law 104-134.