Family Employment Program - Two Parent (FEP-TP)

Program Purpose

This program provides short-term financial assistance to two-parent families that are underemployed or that do not have jobs.  They must also meet the eligibility criteria discussed below.


To receive FEP-TP you must:

  • Have two parents in the household with each able to earn $500/month;
  • Have at least one child; and
  • Meet strict work criteria, including:
    • Primary Parent: 8 hours per week searching for a job plus 32 hours per week in work experience and training, including community work, adult education, short- term skill training, and job search training (16 of the 32 hours must be spent at a community work site.)
    • Second Parent: 20 hours per week with community work, job search, adult education or skills training activities.

Good Cause

The work criteria must be met unless excused for good cause. Good cause may include a death in the immediate family, unavailable child care, or unusual transportation problems. Good cause may excuse temporary or sporadic failure to fulfill the hours requirement.


You may own certain property and still be eligible for FEP-TP. 


You will be required to participate in an assessment with your caseworker to qualify for FEP-TP. 

Employment Plan

In order to get benefits under FEP-TP, you must develop an employment plan with your caseworker. 

Time Limits

A household may not be on the FEP-TP program for more than 7 months in any 13-month period. Payment for part of the month counts as a whole month. Months on the FEP-TP program do count toward the 36-month FEP time limit.

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