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At Utah Legal Services, the Pro Bono Program is an essential element of our ability to continue providing free legal services to our community. Pro Bono work is a vital part of serving Utah Legal Services’ mission of protecting the rights of the disadvantaged and persons of limited means through legal representation, advocacy, and education. Due to caseload and resource restrictions, Utah Legal Services is reliant on volunteers to help meet the needs of qualified clients when ULS in-house attorneys are unable to provide direct representation. Pro Bono work can level the playing field and provide access to justice to those clients who would otherwise be unable to afford representation. 

Attorneys providing Bro Bono services learn new skills, make career connections, and boost their professional profiles. New, retired, non-practicing attorneys, law students, and LPPs can gain valuable legal experience and can re-energize their love of the law. The ULS Pro Bono Program offers many different opportunities for involvement from a one-time clinic call, document preparation, and limited scope to full representation for: name changes, family law, guardianships, conservatorships, adoptions, bankruptcy, debt collection, housing, expungements, and estate planning. 



  • Free CLE for you – up to 12 credits 
  • Access to ULS’s online resources, such as the Domestic Law Manual, document preparation website, and templates 
  • Mentoring on your cases from staff and other experienced mentors 
  • Mention in the Utah Bar Journal Honor Roll and the ULS Pro Bono Newsletter 
  • Primary malpractice coverage for your case 


Most Importantly - Pro Bono service is deeply rewarding! It strengthens your connection to your community and serves as a heartwarming reminder of what initially inspired you to become a lawyer. 



  • Can I do Pro Bono work if I’m on inactive status with the Bar?  Yes! See Rule 14-803 of the Utah Code of Judicial Administration.  
  • Can I do Pro Bono work if I’m not licensed in Utah, but I am in another jurisdiction? Yes! See Rule 14-803 of the Utah Code of Judicial Administration. 
  • Are accounts available just for Pro Bono work? Yes! You can apply to the Bar for a free e-filing account if the account will exclusively be used for Pro Bono work. For more information, please contact the Access to Justice Office at the Bar at probono@utahbar.org.  
  • Are you already doing Pro Bono case work for family, friends, or neighbors? 
  • You may benefit from “making it official” by having your client(s) call Utah Legal Services and have the case counted through our Pro Bono department if your client qualifies for ULS services.  



  • If you are interested becoming a ULS volunteer and/or receiving emails about case summaries for clients currently in need of legal assistance, please complete and return the following survey: https://forms.gle/CUYyZapWzexBdnz27 
  • Contact the Pro Bono Program Director, Bonnie Rivera, at brivera@utahlegalservices.org, or her paralegal, Ashlyn Jack, at ajack@utahlegalservices.org. Or call 801-328-8891 and ask for Pro Bono Staff.  
  • SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT DOMESTIC LAWYERS ACADEMY (DLA) which is a comprehensive ULS recruiting and training program for domestic law: 
    • DLA sessions are held in the Spring and Fall each year, with webinars on weekday evenings, from 5:30 – 6:30. 




Utah Legal Services would like to thank all our current and past volunteers! We appreciate each volunteer and know that their assistance has had a profound impact on numerous families' lives here in Utah. With your continued help, we can provide more access to quality legal services for clients who would otherwise be unable to afford it.   


This month, we would like to highlight two wonderful volunteers! Thank you, Jenny Arganbright, LPP and attorney, Ivy Telles for your commitment to pro bono service!  



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Jennifer Arganbright has been a paralegal for over thirty years. In October of 2020, Jennifer was sworn in as the fifth Licensed Paralegal Practitioner in the State of Utah and is licensed in family law and landlord/tenant matters.  



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Ivy Telles is an associate attorney at Stowell Crayk. Her practice centers on criminal defense, immigration, and family law. Ivy is passionate about her work and tries to get the best results for her clients. She loves serving her community, especially the Latino population.   

Utah Legal Services would also like to thank  the following volunteers for successfully completing the legal work for their pro bono clients this month:  

D'Andre Matthews  

Sarah Larsen  

Anaya Gayle  

Linzi Labrum  

James Cannon  

Brandon Baxter  

Bill Heder  

Ted Stokes  

Anthony Zhang  




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