Locked Out Without A Court Order

Utah law and hundreds of Utah court decisions require that a landlord use only lawful procedures to evict a tenant. Landlords often attempt to speed up the process of eviction. Most such methods are unlawful.  

Until the landlord has a court order, they may not: 

  • Change the locks on the doors 
  • Shut off any utility, such as water, electricity, or gas 
  • Take possession of any property belonging to the tenant 
  • Enter the rental unit without advance notice to the tenant, except in case a true emergency exists 
  • Harass, intimidate, or threaten the tenant or the tenant's guests 
  • Inhibit the tenant's right to freely enter and leave the premises 

The landlord must not engage in any of these activities even if the tenant has not paid rent or has repeatedly violated written rules. The landlord must use the legal process to evict. There is no place for self-help remedies.  

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