Medical Help for People with Disabilities

There are various medical programs for people with disabilities.  To be eligible the household must meet specified asset and income limitations.

What are the different medical programs for people with disabilities?

Below are some of the medical programs for people with disabilities:

  • Blind and Disabled Medicaid
  • Medicare cost sharing programs
  • Medicaid Work Incentive Program (MWI)
  • Nursing Home
  • Brain Injury
  • Physical Disability
  • Mental Retardation and Related Concerns (DDMR)
  • New Choices

How do I apply for medical assistance if I am disabled?

You can apply online at the Department of Workforce Services website or you can request an application form by mail through your local Medicaid office.

Where can I go to find other resources for Medical help?

The Department of Workforce Services website has some helpful resources.

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