Medical Help for Adults

There are various medical programs for adults.  To be eligible the household must meet specified asset and income limitations. 

What are the different medical programs for adults?

Below are some of the medical programs for adults with links to the program for more detailed information:

Primary Care Network (PCN) - The PCN program takes the place of the Utah Medical Assistance Program (UMAP). PCN is a Medicaid program for adults aged 19 to 64 who do not qualify for coverage under any other Medicaid program. If you qualify for another Medicaid program but would have to pay a spenddown, and choose not to, you may qualify for PCN. You may not receive PCN if you have access to a private health insurance plan. You may be certified eligible for a 12-month period of time.

Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) - The HCTC is a federal program administered by the IRS that pay 80% of health care premiums for eligible individuals.  To receive this benefit individuals must register with the IRS by phone or mail.

Utah's Premium Partnership Program (UPP) - UPP is a Medicaid Program that helps qualified working individuals pay the cost of employer sponsored health insurance.  The program reimburses a qualified individual up to $150.00 per adult and $100.00 per child each month toward medical insurance premiums.  To be eligible the individual must have access to employer sponsored medical insurance; the cost to the employee for insurance must be 5% or more of their gross monthly income; and the individual cannot be eligible for Medicare, VA Benefits, or any other Medicaid Program.  The individual must also meet income guidelines. You must apply for the UPP program before the date your health insurance coverage begins.

How do I apply for medical assistance for adults?

You can apply online at the Department of Workforce Services website or you can request an application form by mail through your local Medicaid office.

Where can I go to find other resources for Medical help?

The Department of Workforce Services website has some helpful resources.

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