Note:  This is a description of the types of Housing issues that Utah Legal Services may be able to help with.  For information about Housing issues on our website, click here.

Utah Legal Services (ULS) may be able to help with if: 

    • You have received a notice of Eviction and/or received court papers for eviction;
    • Your landlord has locked you out of your apartment without first obtaining a court order allowing him/her to do so;
    • Your home is in the process of foreclosure;
    • Your rental unit is in need of repairs that affect your safety and despite notice to the landlord, s/he is not responsive; 
    • Your landlord claims you have abandoned the property, but you did not voluntarily leave;
    • You have received notice of potential loss of a federal subsidy.

We encourage you to call us to see if we can help you.  We take new calls between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  For information on what to expect when you call, click here.  For office locations and phone numbers, click here.  You may also click here for general legal information and other possible resources. 

ULS also helps with these other types of cases:

Other information available:

represented "Laura".  "Laura" had previously experienced domestic violence from her husband but had returned to the relationship.   During the early part of the summer, her husband told her he was going to kill her.  She didn’t feel he was serious as he has said things like this before, without acting.  

Laura came home from work and was about to start dinner when her husband, his sister and another friend showed up.  Her husband started yelling at her and began physically assaulting her brother.  Laura left the house using the back door.  She got into her vehicle and left and went to a friend’s house.  About 30 minutes later, her husband showed up at the house. 

He came into the house without knocking and started pushing people around who were present in the home.  He demanded to know where his wife was; "Laura" was hiding in the closet and managed to get out again, and ran over to her mother’s house and to call the police. 

It was there that he finally caught up with her and beat her, he had a gun and put it to her head.  He also had a knife and told her he was going to shoot her and then cut her up.  The police came in time to arrest him.  Laura was transported to Duchesne county hospital with severe injuries.

Utah Legal Services assisted Laura in filing a protective order.  A protective order was then filed and granted.  The FBI came in and transported the opposing party to a federal facility where he was arraigned in federal court and is still awaiting trial.