What types of cases does ULS do?

Services for Victims of Domestic Violence

ULS provides services to victims of serious, recent physical violence without regard to income or citizenship status.

ULS provides emergency legal representation in protective order hearings in every courtroom in the State except in Salt Lake County where those services are provided by the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake (LAS).  ULS also assists victims with permanent separation from abusers through divorce and custody actions, and can help victims when the abuse results in other legal difficulties such as housing, income maintenance or consumer issues.   

Services in Housing and Landlord Tenant Cases

ULS ensures safe and habitable housing by representing tenants in eviction actions, suing landlords who fail to maintain safe and habitable housing and assisting homeowners in foreclosure actions.  ULS provides additional assistance to tenants on federally subsidized housing programs.

Public Benefits Issues

ULS assists disabled Utahns with SSI and SSDI benefits, as well as overpayment issues.  ULS helps with food stamps, unemployment issues, Medicaid and other financial assistance for the low-income population in Utah.

Consumer and Expungement Assistance

ULS provides some assistance to clients in consumer cases and can help certain clients expunge criminal records, giving them better opportunity for housing and employment.  Requests for assistance are reviewed daily by staff who specialize in these areas.

Senior Citizens

ULS has specialized staff who provide legal services for persons age 60 and older.  This is an especially vulnerable population because many of them live on fixed incomes and have higher medical expenses.  In addition to LSC-eligible clients, clients who have great social and economic need are served with funding from the state and counties under the Older Americans Act.

Senior citizens' legal problems include public benefits (such as Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare supplemental insurance), and adult protective services (which includes abuse, guardianship, powers-of-attorney), living wills, consumer, housing and property law.  ULS provides many preventive legal presentations each year on numerous topics of interest to senior citizens.

Native Americans

 Two tribal court advocates provide assistance primarily to members of the Ute tribe living on the reservation in the Uintah Basin, as well as outreach and community education to Utah’s other recognized tribes.  ULS assists victims of domestic violence and represents children in the juvenile courts system.

Service delivery is facilitated in San Juan County to members of the Navajo Nation by working closely with DNA Peoples Legal Services which has an office in Mexican Hat, Utah.

Farm Workers

This program is specifically geared to provide legal services to farm workers and is directed by an experienced, bilingual attorney.  Farm worker programs are designed to deal with the difficulties of serving a population which moves frequently, does not know about services available in the community, and may not speak English or know their legal rights. 

We provide services to farm workers in Spanish and conduct outreach to the farm worker community.  Additional priorities since 1996 include wage claims, family law, immigration and public benefit cases.  ULS provides presentations for the farm worker community on such topics as immigration, discrimination and employment rights.  This is a statewide program, serving farm workers in rural areas as well as Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber counties.

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