Clark Fetzer

Mr. Fetzer litigated a contested adoption case and helped ensure that a seven year old girl could stay with her mom who provided a safe and stable home life for her.

Our client had been given the child by her biological mother when she was four years old.  The mother had seven other kids all of whom were taken away from her.  She had been arrested on several occasions for drug use and often lived on the streets.  Our client was a third cousin to the mother, and had been around the girl since she was born.

When our client first took custody of the child, she immediately located a counselor to treat her for mental health issues resulting from sexual abuse by the mother's boyfriend's son. While only four years old, the child often lied and was caught stealing things.  After several months of therapy , she is doing much better. The child also had physical health issues.  Her teeth were rotting and she needed caps.  She also had bugs in her hair and needed general help with hygiene. Our client immediately cared for the child and helped her become a physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy person.

Our client had filed an uncontested petition for guardianship but determined she needed and wanted to adopt the child.  When Mr. Fetzer accepted the case, we thought the adoption would also  proceed uncontested.

Instead, the biological mother immediately started to demand the return of her daughter and even took the child from our client for several days.  She eventually filed a response and contested the adoption.  Mr. Fetzer was not deterred, as he felt strongly that the child needed his help to make sure she stayed in a safe and healthy home.  Mr. Fetzer proceeded wtih trial and was eventually victorious in terminating the parental rights of the biological parents and obtained an adoption for our client and her daughter.

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