George Sutton, Shane Shumway and Tammy Dobbs

George Sutton, Shane Shumway and Tammy Dobbs, of Jones Waldo, donated more than 200 hours of pro bono service and over a year of their time to fight for a low income client with a contract dispute. The client had signed a contract to buy a mobile home from his neighbor.  After fulfilling his part of the contract by making regular payments to the seller, the client asked for the title to be transferred. Instead, the client received an eviction notice from the seller and was in peril of losing a home he believed he had fully paid for.  At this same time the client lost his employment and was struggling to make ends meet for his small family of four.  Mr. Sutton, Mr. Shumway and Ms. Dobbs tenaciously fought for their client even after being unable to settle the matter as hoped.  At trial, the judge ruled in the client’s favor and he was given clear title to his home.  Their amazing work saved a family’s home and gave them stability during a trying time. 

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