Smith Hartvigsen, PLLC

Smith Hartvigsen, PLLC Smith Hartvigsen, led by Steven Stewart, has been covering the second Tuesday of every month at the Guadalupe Clinic for the last three years.

The Guadalupe Clinic meets every week for two hours on Tuesday evenings at the Guadalupe School.  Over the course of the last three years, Mr. Stewart has recruited a group of volunteer attorneys from his firm that attend the Clinic.

These individuals are:

                                                                     Bryan Bryner


                                                                     Kyle Fielding


                                                                    Jeffry Gittins


                                                                    James Morgan


                                                                    Christopher Preston


                                                                    Kathryn Steffey

Smith Hartvigsen has been instrumental in expanding the Clinic to allow for an internet connection and have been known to provide their own printer and paper so participants leave with information in hand.

ULS thanks Mr. Stewart and Smith Hartvigsen for their commitment and hard work at the Clinic each month.

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