Other Volunteer Opportunities

Minimum Requirements

Any interested person may apply to volunteer.  We have different volunteer coordinators for law student volunteers and non-law student volunteers (see below).  However, all volunteers must be highly dependable and maintain strict confidentiality. We ask for a minimum of about 4 hours each week per semester or 6 month period. Hours are flexible to fit around school or work schedules but must be regular.



ULS provides volunteers with the opportunity to learn about our community, gain legal training and experience, associate with others who have similar interests, and obtain letters of recommendation for future employers or law school applications.


Non-Law Student Volunteer Duties

Non-law student volunteers may work with the Benefit Enrollment Project (BEP).  BEP assists low-income Utahans in applying for public benefits including food stamps, medical coverage, HEAT, childcare and financial assistance, as well as disability benefits.  As a volunteer for the BEP, you would contact individuals by telephone who have requested our help, briefly interview these clients and complete an application on their behalf.  Afterwards, you would follow up with the appropriate agencies and clients on a regular basis to facilitate the completion of additional reports and ensure all medical records requested have been gathered. For our clients, these benefits can mean the difference between being homeless or hungry and being able to afford a place to live and food on the table for themselves and their children.  Be a part of something more, volunteer with BEP!

Submit an application to volunteer as a non-law student online here.


Law Student Volunteer Duties

Some of the duties that volunteers will perform include: interviewing clients, investigating cases, relaying advice, and consulting with staff attorneys. Qualified volunteers may also be asked to assist in legal research, draft documents, help with litigation, or represent clients at administrative law hearings. Licensed volunteer attorneys can perform the entire range of legal advocacy and are covered by our malpractice policy when assisting eligible clients.

Submit an application to volunteer as a law student online here

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