Utah Legal Services Director Honored

Anne recognized for the great work she does!

Anne Milne, a Utah Legal Services (ULS) employee since 1977 and Executive Director since 1985, was honored at a recent fundraising breakfast for her leadership and dedication to the agency.  Anne received a leadership award in the form of an engraved crystal vase presented by her staff, and an award for special services from the Utah State Bar presented by Bar President Stephen Owens.   ULS is the statewide Legal Services Corporation funded provider of legal services to the poor in Utah.

The ULS award recognized Anne’s “leadership and dedication to ULS since 1977.”  The award from the Utah State Bar was given “in recognition of your 25 years of leadership at Utah Legal Services, your creativity in stretching limited resources and your devotion to serving the legal needs of everyone.”

 The awards were presented at the ”Justice Rising” fundraising breakfast held annually by And Justice For All. (AJFA)  AJFA is the collaborative fund raising effort of ULS, the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake County and the Disability Law Center, the three primary providers of civil legal aid in Utah.  AJFA started as a joint private bar campaign more than a decade ago, ran a capital campaign for a building in Salt Lake where the main offices of all three agencies are now co-located, and has expanded to fund-raising from the business community through the annual breakfast.  Proceeds from AJFA are divided between the three main agencies, and smaller grants are also made to other providers such as Catholic Community Services and DNA People’s Legal Services on the Navajo Reservation.

This year’s Justice Rising breakfast was attended by over 400 supporters, including Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham, Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon and Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell.   In addition to the usual breakfast sponsors, staff set out this year to raise an extra $25,000 in challenge grants in recognition of Anne’s 25 years as Director.  That amount was exceeded and once all the pledges and donations were in over $105,000 was raised through the breakfast.  An astounding accomplishment given the economy, a testament to the support Anne has garnered for ULS and AJFA in the community, and a reflection on how everyone in the community wanted to honor Anne’s service. 

Click here to watch a 5 minute portion of the award presentation by Fraser Nelson, former Director of the Disability Law Center, and one of the co-founders of AJFA. 

Eric Mittelstadt, a Deputy Director at ULS commented that “Anne deflects all praise to the former and current staff she’s worked with, and to our great partner agencies and supporters in the community, but we are the ones fortunate to have worked with her.  Some say that we make sacrifices to work in legal services, but Anne makes it easy to see and remember day by day, through her leadership and her example, that we are in fact privileged to do the work we do, and serve the people we serve.”


*Thanks go to Sarah Hodge for making what she could of our video content from the breakfast.

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